Friday, October 4, 2013

Cool Toy Store with a Gem of an Owner Worthy of Your Support

Have you heard about Brilliant Toys in Westlake?

They are, well, Brilliant!
I stumbled upon their store recently and was impressed with the activities they have. It's such a child-centric place that doesn't just sell toys and books. Its about community, growth and enrichment. I couldn't resist photographing them. The owner is truly a gem!  This is a store well worth supporting.
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Here is the store's web site:

Here is their Google+ page:

They have a little corner for story time and small performances:
 It is a charming store nestled in the trees in the corner of the Westlake shopping center. They have a huge collection of toys, books and dress up clothes that'll make any little boy or girl happy. When I stopped by, there was a little boy eager to get in to the store, which wasn't open yet. The mother was teaching him patience until the store opened. It was a tough lesson. But it was also true to the excitement the store offers kids. 

Stop by and support them! They were fun to photograph!


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  1. We used to go there all the time BC (before Clark) - they offered art and science workshops for littles on the weekends. Such a cute store - congrats on becoming their official photographer!