Friday, March 15, 2013

The Perfect Job - take 2

It's been a bit of time since my last blog entry. I love being a stay-at-home Dad. It is truly rewarding. The only reservation is that I'm hard-wired to go to work and not stay at home. It sounds odd I know; what is better than hanging out at home with your boy?! Nothing! I quickly add.

So, the perfect job, as I reflect upon again a year and a half later, is a moving target. This explains such a migratory work environment for both employees and employers. The days of having one job at one company  for life is so far gone that this concept is humorous now.

I still maintain my previous drivers of "The Perfect Job" in that I always enjoy helping people. I have worked in information technology, education, education software, SaaS, web database and development, music and photography. As with everyone, I'm sure this list is not complete. The commonality is helping make someone or something better. When you can walk away knowing that the project is done and done well - that's a fine feeling. Don't you agree? Is this such a foreign ideal?

     --Insert Intermission Music for Diaper Change--

After just changing the most stinkiest, largest and stickiest diaper in the world, I still love my job as Dad. Pee-yew! no pictures added to this post  :-S

My photography is kicking up now while my evening music gigs are in full swing. It's nice to be busy. If I decide to get a "day" job that is away from my boy -- I'll sure miss him, but it'll answer my hard-wired call to go forth and manage a different kind of "stinky diaper".

Until next time,