Friday, July 12, 2013

Google Business Photos: Village Vet Hospital

Hello Everyone!
I just finished another Google Business Photo shoot. This time it is of a fantastic veterinary hospital in Bee Cave, TX!  Walking in you can immediately tell this is a caring vet with a great supportive staff.
Here is a link to the panoramic view: Village Veterinary Hospital. And, here's a snap of the store front.

It was a very straight forward shoot covering the lobby and two exam rooms. The staff I worked with, Dr. Winston and Judy the vet tech, were so easy going. This will be perfect for them because they are building a bank right in front of the vet and now the vet cannot be seen from the road! Ugh! It's this type of small business that can really benefit from the enhanced online presence.

I did the shoot when they were closed so you won't find any people or pets in the shots, but this is not a requirement. I *was* able to capture a few snaps of some of the residents visiting the vet. Judy was kind enough to let me take a few pictures of a cat and dog. Check them out! Here's their Google+ page:

Here's a snap of one of their guests:

See you for now, until next shoot or news worthy of sharing.


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  1. Why do we need so many new BANKS!? The panoramic view is so neat - what a cool thing. I hope you get to do more and more of these!